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I'v worked for more than three newspapers over the past 10 years. Explore my recent work.


    what i do

    Just a brief overview.

    • Themed weeks

      Serialized Online Features
      Themed weeks: Serialized Online Content

      My small newsroom team and I frequently create online content based on a theme and unveil different pieces of them daily, much like the way a newspaper does with a series. But we don't just focus on reporting and writing-- we create an online experience.

      Coffee Week: On caffeine habits [Link]
      Water Week: Quality of drinking water [Link]
      Move-in Week: Welcoming back college students [Link]

    • Maps

      Google / Tile Box / JS
      Fusion Tables / Tile Box / Leaflet

      Maps are fairly easy to make. But every chance I get, I try to teach myself a new feature or a new way to code one. I have a long way to go before I feel like I've really mastered the interactivity possibilities of a map.

      75 pianos across Boston: Fusion Tables with extra JS [Link]
      Where Trucks Crash: Mashing up Leaflet with JSON. [Link | Mobile version]
      Salem Historical Tour: Experiment with StoryMap.JS [Link | Mobile version]

    • Producer

      Old School Journalism
      News Judgment

      Once upon a time, I used to be a reporter. I am a Chips Quinn Scholar and went through the METPRO training program at the Sun-Sentinel. I covered crime, city governments, and tech trends. Then, I switched to online production. I work with a team that covers local news and higher education. I still dive in when big news breaks.

      Making His Play: Article [Page 1 | Page 2 | Video]
      Your Town: [Link]
      Your Campus: [Link]

    • Data teamwork

      Data team
      Disruptive Force

      I work with a small newsroom team that finds, analyzes, and presents data to help readers.

      Dreamschool Finder: Custom data filter [Link]
      Dreamtown Finder: Custom data filter [Link]
      Starbucks vs. Dunkin' Donuts: Visually mapping [Link]

    • Social Media

      Twitter / Facebook / Vine
      Building community

      Social media is a crucial part of journalism. I use it to break news, search for sources, drive traffic, and participate in the community. Everything I make, I have to ask if there's a way to make sure it's shareable.

      LifeontheMBTA: Transit-focused social [Link]
      Beanstalk Boston: Vine experiment [Link] | Snow Vines [Link]
      Some uses for Storify: Beer Truck [Link] | Turkey spottings [Link]

    • Mobile Apps

      Content for all displays
      Mobile Apps

      I try to make my content and projects work on any screen. At first, I did that by providing content to a designer/developer but then I started to teach myself how to do it. Sometimes that involves responsive design or making a unique mobile/tablet-only page. There is tremendous growth opportunity here.

      Salem Halloween: Mobile-only guide [Link | Mobile]
      Movie-In Week: New student guide [Link | Mobile]
      Southie St. Patrick's Day: Parade Guide [Link | Mobile]